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About Hunchback Music

Hunchback Music is an independent music production and sound design company that believes in a new creative implementation of music composition and sound design. Founded by Paul Sebastiaan Deetman in December 2013. Hunchback is specialized in synchronized audio design and composition for all media like motion pictures, television, trailers, commercials and games. We offer a deeper experience by creating music that fits its purpose and strengthen the look, feel and atmosphere of the media. The music productions and designs should synchronize all the senses in order to strengthen and deepen the experience.




  • Film

    Music composition and Sound design for your feature film, videos or documentaries

  • Games

    Music composition and Sound design for your entertainment, serious and applied games

  • Commercials/Infomercials

    Music composition and Sound design with the right product association and feel

  • Trailers/Teasers

    Music Composition and Sound Design for your Trailer or Teaser

  • Sonic Branding

    Sound Design for your logo or service

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent

- Victor Hugo -


Alien: Covenant | Official Trailer #2

Trailers / Teasers

Alien: Covenant | Prologue: Last Supper

Other / Trailers / Teasers

Justice League | Official Trailer #1

Trailers / Teasers

Marvel’s Daredevil – Season 2

Trailers / Teasers

Creed | Official Trailer #1

Trailers / Teasers

Deliver Us The Moon Story Teaser 2

Games / Trailers / Teasers

HBO Sampler

Commercials / Infomercials / Trailers / Teasers

Deliver Us The Moon Teaser 1

Games / Trailers / Teasers

Applied Acoustic Systems: Angelicals Bank Demonstration


Studio Distractions #5: New York City


Horrinth Showcase Teaser/Trailer

Games / Trailers / Teasers

Huminal’s Studio Distractions #2: The Lost Island


The Ocean


Implug: Free Charge

Commercials / Infomercials

Horrinth Teaser

Games / Trailers / Teasers

Applied Acoustics Systems: Raw Bank Demonstrations



Are you looking for a game developer, app or website? We highly recommend to contact our sister companies ‘KeokeN Interactive’ and ‘Ambient Coding’. Looking for a dance related artist? We gladly direct you to our electronic friends ‘Huminal’.

  • KeokeN Interactive

    Game Developer

    Game Design
    Virtual Reality

  • Ambient Coding

    App/Web Developer

    Native/Hybrid Apps
    Small Games

  • Huminal


    Electronic Dance Music
    DJs/Live Performance


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