Our work

Marvel’s Daredevil | Season 2 | Official Trailer
Control – Official AWE Expansion Trailer
Creed | Official Trailer
Justice League | Comic-Con | Official Trailer
Alien: Covenant | Official Trailer
Alien: Covenant | Prologue: Last Supper
Jigsaw | Official Trailer
Native Instruments | Straylight
Witness | Official Teaser
Native Instruments – Massive X: Scene
Native Instruments – Pharlight
FYD: Follow Your Dreams
Deliver Us The Moon – Launch Trailer
Feels Like Home | Official Lyric Video
Native Instruments | Mysteria
Deliver Us The Moon | Fortuna | Official Trailer
Deliver Us The Moon | Goodbye | Official Trailer
Deliver Us The Moon | Blackout | Official Trailer
Deliver Us The Moon | The Mission | Official Trailer
Studio Distractions | New York
Studio Distractions | Off The Grid
Deliver Us The Moon | Reveal Trailer
HBO | Sampler
Applied Acoustics Systems | Chromaphone 2
Studio Distractions | The Lost Island
The Library of Things | Official Soundtrack
Het Scheepvaartmuseum | Submarine
Deliver Us The Moon | Story | Official Teaser
Horrinth | Official Trailer
Horrinth | Official Teaser

Our Services

Music Composition

Custom music composition for your film, game, trailer, commercial and/or sonic identity.

Sound design

Custom sound design for your film, game, trailer, commercial and/or sonic identity.

Music supervision

Music supervision to resonate the best atmosphere for your product or service.

Music distribution

Easy distributing your music via our labels to all major platforms and streaming service.

music publishing

Publishing your music compositions for all commercial use and third party sync.

Music software

Creating unique and innovative tools and applications for composers by composers.

Meet our team

Paul Deetman
Paul Deetman
Founder | CEO

The award-winning co-founder of Hunchback specialises in game- and movie trailers. This passionate man is also co-director at KeokeN Interactive and half of the acclaimed electronic music duo Huminal. Paul has contributed in projects of Marvel, Warner Brothers, Disney, 20th Century Fox, DC and Ridley Scott.

Koen Deetman2
Koen Deetman
Founder | Producer

The co-founder of Hunchback and an expert in games. He always knows how to connect the right people and to find that perfect balance between business and creatives. This innovative mastermind is the director at KeokeN interactive. Koen has contributed in projects for Unreal, Playstation, Xbox and Wired Productions.

Pepijn Booij
Pepijn Booij
Composer | Business Developer

Expert in twiddling knobs since 1995 this golden boy has it all. His background in film, video and animation gives him the all new wave perspectives to find that sonic perfection on moving images while creating a custom piece of music. Pepijn worked on projects such as Filmding, Madish Music and Fete Galante.

Sander van Zanten
Sander v. Zanten
Composer | Sound Designer

His ability to give soul to video games is truly magical. Being a composer, sound designer and technical audio programmer gives him all the parameters to find that perfect harmony to touch our hearts. His recent work can be heard in projects for Deliver Us The Moon, Playstation and KeokeN Interactive.

Rene Hinborch
René Hinborch
Composer | Graphic Designer

He knows his way in the artistic field and combined two worlds. From awesome booming film compositions to perfect art designs! Knowing the angles of both professions gives him one step ahead of finding the desired sound. René has contributed in projects of Make-A-Wish, WE, Made For Digital, Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

Dion Posdijk
Dion Posdijk
Audio Engineer | Sound Designer

His speciality lies in not only audio imaging, but also sound design and broadcast engineering. This man is dreaming in wires and audio waves with his magnificent ability to always take it up that extra level of quality and feel. Dion worked on projects of Tomorrowland, DJ Mag, Armin Van Buuren and Above and Beyond.

Tom Schipper
Tom Schipper
Composer | Scoring

His love for writing music for movies is mesmerizing. A story to connect people in a way that goes beyond any boundaries we might put between ourselves. Working together with a full orchestra gives him that extra layer of dynamic and sound. Tom worked on projects of Film Academy, Between Frames and The Library of Things.

Jelle Jansen2
Jelle Jansen
Composer | Copyright

His ear for detail can always be heard in his stories and will take you onto multiple layers of electronic frequencies and sound design which you’ve never heard and felt before. He is also half of the acclaimed electronic duo Huminal. Jelle has contributed in projects for Traum, Einmusika, Proton Music, Get Physical and Zerothree.

our labels

Between Frames, music label for original Indie film soundtracks (OST’s) and compilations.


Away From Keyboard, music label for original Indie game soundtracks (OST’s) and compilations.


Afterburn, music label for retrowave and synthwave that prepares and celebrates our cyberpunk past, present and future!


Moonroom, music label for soulful hiphop, jazzhop, lofi and chillhop beats catering the finest fresh vibes revolving around Earth!



Concious Monkey, music label for meaningful melodic techno, deephouse and electronica to elevate our mind, body and soul!


our partnerships

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